Welcome to OpenBike's documentation

OpenBike is an open source bikesharing stack. It helps you to provide a modern, 24/7, (web)app based rental service for bikes and other vehicles. It includes open hardware for tracking devices attached to your bikes and provides adapter services for integrating different tracking and lock solutions.

We aim to make our documentation as up to date, usable and complete as possible. We want you to be able understand, use, run, and improve OpenBike. That said, documentation is never finished, and rarely perfect. If there is anything unclear or missing in our documentation, we'd be happy if you'd let us know.

Documentation structure

Project information

The OpenBike source code is available in multiple repositories on GitHub, where you can also find the issue tracker for each part. The documentation is available at docs.openbike.dev.

OpenBike is published under the terms of the MIT License. The primary maintainers of this project are organized in the transportkollektiv, a collective of transit and open data interested people.

An example deployment, which also was used while development, was available from 2019 to 2022 in the City of Ulm, Germany.

If you'd like to contribute to OpenBike, you are most welcome! We have written a little about how to get started here.

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