Once you have installed openbike, you’ll start thinking about maintaining your installation. The following guide assumes that you perform general system maintenance and monitoring. So please: keep your servers up to date on security updates. Keep all non-public ports closed. Follow best practices.


This guide assumes that you followed the Manual deployment documentation.

To upgrade openbike to the newest versions of the components, pull the latest code changes and run the following commands as the openbike user:


$ source /srv/openbike/venv/bin/activate
(venv)$ cd /srv/openbike/cykel
(venv)$ git pull
(venv)$ pip3 install -U -r requirements.txt
(venv)$ python3 migrate
(venv)$ python3 collectstatic

Restart the service with the following command:

# systemctl restart cykel cykel-worker


$ cd /srv/openbike/voorwiel
$ git pull
$ npm ci
$ NODE_ENV=production NPM_CONFIG_PRODUCTION=true npm run build


$ cd /srv/openbike/skoetsel
$ git pull
$ export API_URL=
$ npm run generate